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What do you think of boxers who beforehand had a relatively successful career or strong background in martial artists, football, athletics and everything else in between?

Surely they'd make good boxers just like that... they've got all of this great athletic experience from beforehand... right...

In my opinion...


For example... Danny Green and Anthony Mundine. You've all heard of these two from Australia? They're known for their so-called feud as to who was the better boxer! Both men had great backgrounds and athletics and fitness... Mundine was a very famous Rugby League player (his dad was also a boxer) and Danny Green was a Martial Artist for many years. Both then decided to take up boxing!

Both men are quick, athletic and fit... but the thing is this... such qualities don't make you a boxer!


Their opponents usually consisted of nobodies, subpar fighters and former legends who were over the hill/out of it/way past their prime... and they called themselves great boxers.

Down here in Australia... there was mega hype for their bout... after a few years of having a go at each other!

What resulted was an uneventual 12 Round Match which resulted in Mundine winning by Unanimaous Decision.

You see the things is this...

I don't care how good an athletic background you may have... when it comes to boxing... all you need to know about is boxing!!!

Are you gonna throw a martial arts kick or some sort of grappling hold in a boxing match? NO!

Are you gonna run with a ball in your hand to score a try in a boxing match? NO!

You see... I reckon Martial Artists who become boxers and so on and so forth... are full of it! Because Martial Artists learn rules for many years... when they get into a boxing ring... they have to be completely different!

Which is why I think only boxers who are serious about boxing and will do everything that is boxing should be the only one's who should do the boxing... whilst all of the other athletes, martial artists and so on and so forth... should stick to something else... because boxing will not be their thing... as much as they'd like to think it is!

It just bothers me you know... Martial Artists who take up boxing? WHAT'S THE POINT? The rules are completely different? What do you think? If you're confused... SORRY:D
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