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YouTube - Marvin Hagler VS Thomas Hearns

Quite possibly the greatest short fight ever and quite possibly my all time favorite boxing match ever!

It was only 3 rounds... but these two GLADIATORS just went at it as if it were a matter of life or death... finally ending when Marvelous Marvin Hagler got the decisive knockout victory with one minute to go in the 3rd Round!

It was April the 15th 1985 in a fight that was billed as "THE WAR" for The Undipsuted Middleweight Championship of The World.

GREAT FIGHT AND EVERYTHING... I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT... the first round won Ring Magazine's ROUND OF THE YEAR and the whole entire fight itself won Ring Magazine's FIGHT OF THE YEAR but do fill me in here!!!

One really great topic for discussion would be why Thomas Hearns fought the way he did. Most people would think that at 4 inches taller and with that amazing reach... Thomas Hearns would fight on the outside and pick Hagler apart just like he did Roberto Duran (in less than 2 rounds)!

But... he decided to fight on the inside... and we got ourselves one hell of an amazing fight BUT:

What do you think would've happened if Thomas Hearns decided to fight on the outside using his 4 inches of extra height and much longer reach, rather than fight on the inside against Marvin Hagler? :dunno:

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manny steward told hearns he had to catch hagler early in this fight, one of hearns team had given him a leg massage before the fight and when you do this it puts the legs to sleep. when steward entered the dressing room to see this he actualy hit the guy who done it.

manny thought that hearns legs would last 5 rounds so he told him to go for the ko. the original plan was to box and jab like he did against leonard.
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