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The World Boxing Council officially announces today that the proposed fight between the WBC heavyweight world champion Oleg Maskaev and former WBC world champion and current WBC Champion Emeritus Vitali Klitschko will not take place at this time as the representatives of Maskaev, Klitschko and Samuel Peter did not reach an agreement to that effect.

Therefore, the WBC is ordering an immediate mandatory defense by Oleg Maskaev of USA-Russia against official challenger Samuel Peter of Nigeria, with a purse offer to be held on April 20 if the free negotiations between the parties, which start today, are not successful. Additionally, the WBC is ordering that Vitali Klitschko shall be the next mandatory challenger in the heavyweight division.

The WBC offered every possible opportunity and all types of support for all the parties involved to reach an alternate agreement that would satisfy them all, but to no avail.

As previously noted , the WBC found itself placed between competing claims for the position of next mandatory challenger in the division. With this action, the WBC has overseen the resolution of this controversy and look forward to these great upcoming bouts for the WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World.
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