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By Matt Richardson

The ongoing controversy regarding WBC Heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev and mandatory challenger Samuel Peter may finally be settled in the ring when the two power-punchers get it on at a venue to be determined this fall, Fightnews has learned. The fight is tentatively scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 29. "I'm waiting for some confirmations but nothing is etched in stone," an irritated Dennis Rappaport (Maskaev's promoter) explained to Fightnews. Rappaport is currently in the process of suing the WBC for approving a purse split of 55-45 for the Maskaev-Peter bout. Traditionally the champion is guaranteed 70 percent with the challenger obtaining 30. Only in rare circumstances when a former champion or "big name" fighter fought for the title has the split been less than 70-30. "It's indefensible!" Rappaport proclaimed. "It's an utter disgrace and they're destroying boxing," he said. "When someone tries to abuse a fighter, I represent them. We have just begun the fight. According to the WBC rules a deviation will only be allowed under special and unusual circumstances. What's so special and unusual about Samuel Peter?" Critics however would argue that Rappaport should know better in dealing with the controversial organization to begin with. "I think that's true," he admits. "However what are the options? In order to fight for a championship you have to deal with the WBC. There are no other alternatives."
Tuesday, May 15 2007
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