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Mayweather-Hatton undercard

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I am waiting on the official odds from MGM to come through for the undercard fights and then I will post them here on vBookie. Be patient guys.
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Id of thought Lacy and De Leon will be such heavy favourites it wont be worth betting, im not sure about the Cherry fight.
I still wont mind making some easy points on lacy and ponce.
Yep, but im riding it all on Floyd i think:thumbsup:
I actually think that the odds for Lacy vs Manfredo might be closer than the fight really will be, him being a tv star and all that
Yes, Lacy and Manfredo will be closer than reason suggests.
On SkyBet Lacy is at 0.10 and Manfredo with Manfredo being 5.50, De Leon is at 0.06 and Escobedo is at 7.00. It also had Cherry at 0.40 and Fergson 1.75 and the latest odds over here for Hatton-Floyd are 1.37 for Hatton and and 0.53 for Mayweather.
I think Shane might have already headed to the fight, so il post up the odds for the undercard fights. Shane can always edit them if hes on later:thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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