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"Boxing has lost a great warrior and a gifted athlete. Diego Corrales had the heart of a champion, and while we were competitors in the ring, he was someone who I greatly respected and will be remembered for his spirit and passion in and out of the ring. The boxing community lost a great champion this week and he will be truly missed. My condolences go out to his wife Michelle, his five children and the rest of his family and friends."

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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PrettyBoyFloyd said:
That sounds really nice but I doubt Floyd wrote that ;) I mean he could have but it sounds too much like a publicist.
haha you know him best. Naaa Mayweathers not stupid. I think he sat down and took the time to write that. but it defiantly does not sound like anything he was talking on the De La Hoya Mayweather 24/7. lol But Deep down Floyd's not that bad. I think he had the heart to actually say that.

o yeah another thing. I think now that the fight between them is over. i accept the results. i think i was more mad at the fact it was so hyped up and that i talked it up and invited A LOT of people over (MMA FANS) and was like you want to see a real fight; well you will tonight. So yeah you could see how that went.... I was left looking like a chump. because SOMEONE (maayweather lol) decided not to fight. anyway If theres a rematch i will really look forward to it but i think i will watch it solo this time.
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