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Mayweather vs. de la Hoya

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"Last a week, a Monday night deadline was set for Floyd Mayweather to accept a deal that was put in front of him to face Oscar De La Hoya in May.


“It’s signed," said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, to Maxboxing.

This matchup figures to be one of the most lucrative in boxing history.

"I can't tell you what the deal is, but it's a very fair deal for both sides, and if the pay-per-view numbers are going to be what we expect them to be, it'll be a record purse for both guys," he says.

According to Schaefer, getting the deal done wasn't that difficult.

"There was a little derailing there after the fight and I think the emotions and the tempers all flared up a bit. But other than that, I have to tell you that I negotiated the deal with Al Haymon and Al Haymon and I have a very nice relationship. We respect each other and we have put together some of the biggest fights in the last 12 months.

“And in each of those fights, Al was very instrumental."

Last week, Golden Boy had given Mayweather a 'take it or leave it' proposition.

“You go in there with a fair deal, this is what it is. And that's what I want to be known for. I want to be the guy who goes with the fair deal and it's going to be either you like it or you don't," said Schaefer.

A 10-12 city promotional tour is being planned, and Schaefer says that this event will be promoted like no other.

“We already have prime, blue-chip sponsors which are on board already," he says. "And there will be promotional elements tied into the promotions like we've never seen, including some of the things HBO is going to be doing.

As for the venue, Schaefer says, "We're negotiating with two; it's coming down to the Staples Center in Los Angeles in LA and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas."

Apparently that's what some of this crap has been about like mentioning that de la Hoya didn't go to the Baldomir fight as a bargaining chip and Mayweather getting all weepy saying he was only going to fight one more fight. (Or maybe Floyd was crying because he knows he's going to get his ass whipped :dunno: )

Anyway, it looks like it's set for the 7th of May 2007. We'll see I guess. I'm not holding my breath though.
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who cares about this fight? dela is past his prime, slower and takes more hits. When was the last time he fought? the last time he beat a world class fighter (even past their prime)? I hate Flo, I think he presents as an ass but he is gonna win this won and won't be beat until he starts showboating too much (always seems to happen)and gets hit with a lucky shot.

Better opponents for Flo: AMargarito, Paul Williams
Better opponents for Dela: Rocky Balboa
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