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anyway, this thread has no bearing on the baldomir - mayweather. just some friendly banter about floyd's gameplan vs. southpaw's.

i just watched the judah fight and i think so. for the first 4-5 rounds, fighting from the outside was just not working because judah had much faster handspeed and was more comfortable at that weight. so he came forward behind high gaurd and a lead right hand, alot like winky wright except winky does everything from southpaw position. threw a gread right hand to the body but he was somewhat predictable, imo.

did any of you also catch judah circling out of corners. floyd cannot cut off the ring!! i think if judah had more discipline and if he had more intention on actually winning the fight, instead of trying to emberass mayweather and had he kept the jab pumping he may of been able to outwork floyd.

anyway, more to come from floyd vs. orthodox.

opinions, gents?
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