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McGuigan's high praise for Calzaghe: best in history!

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Barry McGuigan on Joe being the best British fighter ever:

"It's never nice to go back and a bit disparaging to say he could beat these guys. I will say that Calzaghe is arguably the greatest British fighter there has ever been, so I don't need to compare him to a Collins or a Benn. But because he's a mysterious individual, because he doesn't behave like a star and lives a fairly arcane life in Newport he doesn't get the credit he deserves. Look at the names on his record - Richie Woodhall, Charles Brewer, Byron Mitchell, Robin Reid and of course Lacy. He's beaten all these guys and beaten them well. Look at Mger Mkrtcgian, who's now the European champion. He battered him, took him out in seven rounds. The job he did on Lacy was sensational. He's a remarkable fighter and it's just a shame that for whatever reason he hasn't had more career-defining fights."

And McGuigan on Joe vs Benn, Eubank and Collins in their primes:

"Well Nigel Benn had a punchers chance against anybody and I remember he added good lateral upper body movement to his game when he trained with Jimmy Tibbs. But really Nigel wasn't in the same class (as Joe), Nigel was fast but wasn't as fast as Joe in hands or feet, he wasn't as fast as Joe in the mind and couldn't move in and out as well. Nigel couldn't help getting over-eager and Joe would constantly turn him. Collins was more of a physical fighter, he was awkward because he was more of a pub brawler than anything but Joe's in-tight hooks would land first and Steve would be constantly dazed and tagged. Eubank could only fight in spurts and liked to fight at his own pace, Joe wouldn't allow him. It's as simple as that. Though the Eubank of 1989, 1990, 1991 was a better fighter because he used a greater repertoire of punches, was a more vicious finisher and didn't waste as many shots. A young Eubank is the only one of the three I'd give a realistic chance of beating Calzaghe, and that's by stoppage, he can't beat him on points. I still feel Chris was a massive under-achiever, even though he surpassed even Ali in terms of being a celebrity boxer. Look at Joe, he's done so much more than Eubank yet not even a fraction of the public know him by comparison (to Eubank). It's a crying shame for Joe that he came along at the wrong time, because he's an incredible fighter."
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