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"MEAN" Joe Green Makes espn2 debut, and Wins.

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Joe green now 15 - 0 with 11 ko's contintues his winning streak and is becoming a very likable prospect. I was very impressed with the guy and if he can establish a good jab, he will go aways , i think he needs to shrink down to 154 though.
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Anyone watch the fights?
Sorry wasnt shown over in England:( Any YouTube links or anything?
i doubt it, you'll just have to take my word haha
I watched and he looked solid. My only problem with him was he took too many shots that a jab would have held off, much like you said Lance.
yeah, a guy with a good jab would kill him at this point in his career. But he can go places if he can establish his own.
That i would like to see.
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