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Miguel Cotto To Dump His Uncle/Trainor For Buddy McGirt? 04-08-2008

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By Mark Vester

According to a report by El Nuevo Dia, internal problems may mark April 12 as the final time that Miguel Cotto will use his uncle, Evangelista Cotto, as trainer. Cotto will defend his title against Alfonso Gomez at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

A source told the paper that Cotto will switch to a very well known American trainer and move his future training camps from Puerto Rico to Florida. Judging by the new training location, Buddy McGirt comes to mind as a likely candidate.

"Miguel is going to have a very well known American trainer and he is going to trainer in Florida. Evangelista not going to be with Miguel anymore," the unamed source said.

The same rumors of rift between Cottos took place after Miguel's stoppage of Carlos Quintana in November of 2006. Both uncle and nephew did admit there were problems, but were able to work them out and more forward with their working relationship.

"That time they resolved their problems, but the situation has not really improved. The problem is that they both have a very strong character and regardless of that, Top Rank (Cotto's promoter) wants someone more experienced to work with Miguel," the source added.

Most remember last May's heated argument between Miguel's brother, Jose Miguel Cotto, and Evangelista. Jose Miguel would trade heated words in the corner with his unlce, and would go on to finish the fight with a lackluster draw against Prawet Singwanghcha.
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Not good for Cotto if it happens. McGirt would go into a possible Mayweather-Cotto fight knowing he had no shot to start with. His recent quotes in the ring magazine saying that there isn't anyone in the past 20 years who could beat Floyd can't sit well with Miguel. I can't see these two pairing well.
What do you guys think about this?

^Here's a video of Jose Cotto (Miguel's older, less talented brother) fighting with his own trainor and uncle, Evangelista.
I do think that Cotto will change trainers and Mcgirt will train him for his next fight (witch wont be against that P4P guy)But if he ever gets that fight against that P4P guy Mcgirt wont be Cottos trainer.
Switching trainers on the regular is stupid.
Switching trainers on the regular is stupid.
You aint got to tell me that but some people have sucess doing it.
By Mark Vester

Its the wrong time for Cotto to change trainers period. To do so would ruin any chance he has of ever beating PBF
I agree! I think it's a terrible move. I don't like what Buddy Mcgirt does for his fighters anyways. Cotto keeps improving on every performance and seems to be doing well with his uncle but I guess there are some serious internal problems.
Buddys tried and tested, this will help Cotto improve further.
Both Evangelista and Buddy have been on the other side of the ring from Roger and Floyd. They have failed miserably. I know it's the fighter and not the trainor but they've come in with the wrong game plans. Maybe they know better now?
Both Evangelista and Buddy have been on the other side of the ring from Roger and Floyd. They have failed miserably. I know it's the fighter and not the trainor but they've come in with the wrong game plans. Maybe they know better now?
Thats good, because Buddy cant be judged on a shot Gatti.
Calm down people, I hate rumors!! Cotto denies everything today.


The team of Miguel Cotto will remain intact, in spite of the insistent rumors that aim at Evangelista Cotto being removed from the team. The corner of the champion informed that Evangelista Cotto will continue as the head trainer of Cotto. "Evangelista did not travel Sunday with Cotto, as usual, since he has a loaded agenda of work", affirmed Miguel Cotto father, by means of a written communication. "My brother will integrate the team Wednesday in Atlantic City". Evangelista Cotto was with Daniel "Azuquita" Jiménez last week in California and Saturday with Héctor Marengo. Similarly, the next Friday will work, with Henry Bruseles and Saturday will be in the corner with its nephew Miguel Cotto, and with the prospects Jesus Rojas and Luis Cruz. Cotto Sr. affirmed that "the company (Top Rank) knew and contracted Miguel Cotto with a trainer who is Evangelista and will finalize his career with the same trainer. We have never spoken to include another person to the team. We have a winning team during 31 fights and 16 years of arduous work, and we will not change it. The Cotto family has represented Puerto Rico with much pride in each fight and thus we are going to continue doing it ", concluded.
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i could see cotto leaving his uncle, but for buddy mcgirt? this had to be a rumor.
All people argue. They will stay together.
Maybe Floyd Sr. should train him :laugh:
No one is training cotto except for evangelista. You guys should read the post above. Of course if he had floyd sr training him, it would definently get mawyeathers attention.
I know it's just a rumor but this is a forum. If a rumor like this is out there I think it's in our best interest to follow up on it. Thanks for posting his response.

I thought it would be a terrible move anyways. With McGirt, and only a few fights together before facing Mayweather in 09' he'd stand very little chance of dethrowing The Ring Welter-Weight Champion.
Maybe Floyd Sr. should train him :laugh:
Thats not a bad idea
Thats not a bad idea
It would help Cotto in the defense department tremendously but it's not likely to ever happen.
Cotto isn't changing trainers and would be stupid to do so. As far as im concerned you don't fix it if it isnt broken...
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