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Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah.

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Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah.

WBA welterweight title.

June 9th 2007.

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA
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I know this sounds crazy but Cotto is heavily favored correct? My mind just went blank.
i got cotto if anyone wants to bet.
i'll bet on cotto near fight time.

ive got 2k comming from shane though. :D
You are in for a suprise guys.
id say for the size of the fight those are very good odd's being offered for zab.
Which is why I bet $1000 on him.
Im 100% sure that Cotto will win this fight. Cotto has more power, cotto has a better chin, Zab chin is not that hard, Cotto is very relaxed and doesnt get careless like Zab, and imo hes the better boxer. The only thing Zab gots going for him is his speed and more experiance in bigger fights.

I think Cotto will knock him out either in the first 3 rounds or in 8-10
Zab will KO Cotto. Nearer the fight i will put dollar on it:p
I may put up 50k on Zab. The more I keep thinking about it the clearer it gets.
be my guest shane.
I'm talking Vbookie. It pays out triple. Tommy just made me an offer I couldn't resist. I get 75K when Zab whens and if by some crazy reason he loses I pay tommy 20k.
Nobody is betting on Cotto, and everyone is so sure he will win....what's the deal guys?
Probably the low odds. Come friday il be laying 10k on Zab i think. Im not sold on Cotto and i quite like Zab.
7500 gone on Zab. Another 2500 on the fight day i think.
ill be putting up soem serious points on cotto come friday, im letting my bank grow until them, they pay out about 2000 a day it seems. about 5 k to shane and alot more to tommy.
yeah its stupid realy when you bet like weeks before a fight, why not keep your points in the bank till fight time gain intrest on them and bet a day or so before the fight.
lol you gained 10k over night it seemed tommy, yeah , i like my interest.
Id usually wait till the morning of the fight, but i probably wont be on much over the weekend because im a very busy bee:laugh:
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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