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Mike Tyson vs Riddick Bowe

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I think this would have been a great fight a prime tyson v a prime bowe both could hit and imo both didnt like up to there full potential as Heavyweights.

Bowe has 7" height on tyson and 10" reach advantage tyson was faster and hard to hit its really a pick em fight for me but ill say the one that most people wouldnt pick and say Bowe beats tyson by a late stoppage win or on points ( I mean the in shape bowe not the fat bowe ).
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It's tough. I don't know if Bowe could handle Tyson's power.
Same here Tyson was stopped 5 times in his career and i think Bowe was stopped by lewis in the Olympics its an other factor that would make this a great fight :p
Tyson beats Bowe inside 9.
Maybe or esle bowe beats tyson in 9 :p
I just can't see it happening. Yes Bowe was a technically sound boxer but if the Tyson that destroyed Spinks stepped into the ring I don't think Bowe could handle it.
Tyson that destoryed spinks was destorying a blown up lightweight but was a big world class proper heavyweight that beat everyone he ever fought as a pro im not saying that tyson wouldnt win im saying that its a 50-50 fight either one could win bowe is one of the best heavyweights to step into a ring
A blown up lightweight?
I meant to say a Blown up Lightheavyweight many people considered him to be the real Heavyweight champion at the time of the tyson fight so was still a good win for tyson.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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