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Well if your rehabbing, you dont want to go too hard on it out of the box. If it feels pretty good, and you want to get some stamina back, try this:

1. Do 1 mile jogging to warm up.
2. Do 10 sets of 50 yard dash sprints. Run as fast and hard as you can.
3. Finish off with 1/2 mile jog to cool down, and stretch out your Quads/Hamstrings/alves very well afterwards.

If you do this 2-3 times a week, you'll have more stamina and quickness in no time.

If your ankle is still a bit tender, then do these on a track or flat surface. But once it is feeling pretty good, take it out to the grass on a field. You'll get even more out of the exercises on an uneven surface.
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