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Mishap in De La Hoya-Mayweather Scorecards

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By Mark Vester

LAS VEGAS - The split decision win by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. over Oscar De La Hoya was in doubt for almost 15-minutes as an error with the scorecards sent everyone in a panic.

Apparently, the colors on the final scorecards were mixed up. The cards mistakenly listed Mayweather as fighting from the red corner and De La Hoya from the blue, which for a brief moment caused concern that the scores were reversed, with De La Hoya actually being the split winner. Richard Schaefer, CEO for Golden Boy Promotions, quickly investigated and found that the scores were accurate for each fighter, only the colors were mixed-up.

"It's a pretty sad case that you have in such a great event that kind of bullsh*t," Schaefer said. "It seems it was an honest mistake. It's a small mistake they made in the overall scorecard."
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SH IT on Schaffer. YOUR BOY LOST! FACE IT. He went to sleep in rounds 9-12
He won 4 on my card. Maybe 5, but a slim maybe. Floyd was the much better fighter. Tommy get ready for your avatar.
I used to think that way bill until I saw them give Jermain Taylor the W. But, straight up Floyd won more rounds than Oscar did.
Floyd retired but will more than likely fight again. Oscar doesn't know yet. Scorecards are being disputed by people who think Oscar won.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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