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mma. chuck liddel vs tito ortiz.

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the iceman's takedown defence against prob the best ground and pounder alive. tito dont stand and fight you'll lose again. sat 30th dec mgm grand veagas.
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still waiting on the damn result. man it's 3.49am in the uk but ive been hyped for this for a while.

go tito go.
tommygunn said:
still waiting on the damn result.

You have about 2 hours to go, check your private messages.
it's obvious after watching the first fight that tito feared chucks power, man chuck should box he is that good. i can only remember tito trying to ground chuck once in the fight and that aint the way ortiz fights, tito feared chucks power and stayed to far away to try and ground him.
tito looked game in the second and i actualy gave him the round after just managing to survive the first.

man when i saw chuck punch jhonny knoxville on jackass no way i thought he dont hit that hard but he does, good win for chuck and i lose 1000 points. :laugh:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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