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Thanks to all those who replied to my first thread on scorecards, i thought enough replied to do it again. So, how did you score these?

Cotto vs. Mosley
De la Hoya vs. Hopkins (Thru 8)
Calzaghe vs. Kessler
Morales vs. Pacquiao I
Barrera vs. Hamed

Here's mine:

Cotto vs. Mosley
Round One: Cotto 10-9 Mosley
Round Two: Cotto 10-9 Mosley
Round Three: Cotto 9-10 Mosley
Round Four: Cotto 10-9 Mosley
Round Five: Cotto 9-10 Mosley
Round Six: Cotto 10-9 Mosley
Round Seven: Cotto 9-10 Mosley
Round Eight: Cotto 10-9 Mosley
Round Nine: Cotto 9-10 Mosley
Round Ten: Cotto 9-10 Mosley
Round Eleven: Cotto 10-9 Mosley
Round Twelve: Cotto 9-10 Mosley

Total: 114-114

De la Hoya vs. Hopkins
Round One: De la Hoya 9-10 Hopkins
Round Two: De la Hoya 10-9 Hopkins
Round Three: De la Hoya 10-9 Hopkins
Round Four: De la Hoya 9-10 Hopkins
Round Five: De la Hoya 9-10 Hopkins
Round Six: De la Hoya 10-9 Hopkins
Round Seven: De la Hoya 9-10 Hopkins
Round Eight: De la Hoya 9-10 Hopkins

Total: 77-75 Hopkins

Calzaghe vs. Kessler
Round One: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Two: Calzaghe 9-10 Kessler
Round Three: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Four: Calzaghe 9-10 Kessler
Round Five: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Six: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Seven: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Eight: Calzaghe 9-10 Kessler
Round Nine: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Ten: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Eleven: Calzaghe 10-9 Kessler
Round Twelve: Calzaghe 9-10 Kessler

Total: 116-112 Calzaghe

Morales vs. Pacquiao I
Round One: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Two: Morales 9-10 Pacquiao
Round Three: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Four: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Five: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Six: Morales 9-10 Pacquiao
Round Seven: Morales 9-10 Pacquiao
Round Eight: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Nine: Morales 9-10 Pacquiao
Round Ten: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Eleven: Morales 10-9 Pacquiao
Round Twelve: Morales 9-10 Pacquiao

Total: 115-113 Morales

Barrera vs. Hamed
Round One: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Two: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Three: Barrera 9-10 Hamed
Round Four: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Five: Barrera 9-10 Hamed
Round Six: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Seven: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Eight: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Nine: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Ten: Barrera 9-10 Hamed
Round Eleven: Barrera 10-9 Hamed
Round Twelve: Barrera 9-9 Hamed

Total: 116-111 Barrera

BTW is my scorecard for Mor-Pac I bad? Just when i watched the hbo version lederman only agreed with me for 7 rounds. Just wondering.
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