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It's the great Aussie tradition and no one can really blame Sam Soliman for taking his chance to do it this afternoon. To be fair, it was just begging to be done and almost everyone saw the funny side of it - well, except for Anthony Mundine. For, while it is not uncommon for boxers to parade around in underwear at weigh-ins - the ego does take a bit of a battering when you have just been a victim of a good, old-fashioned dacking.

It all happened at this afternoon when Mundine, the World Boxing Association super-middleweight title-holder, and Soliman attended the weigh-in for tomorrow night's fight, which will be held at Vodafone Arena.

Today's media event was held at a Melbourne CBD construction site, where both fighters were hoisted down to the stage by cranes. Although the stunt fell relatively flat, it fulfilled the goal of providing some good shots for the television news and it gave the surrounding workers a bit of excitment.

Soliman was certainly the people's favourite at the site - with plenty of comments coming from fans and supporters such a "give him one for the boys Soli" and "it's the new champ". But Mundine lapped up the booes and hoots - posing and smiling to the crowd.

The mood changed a few minutes later, however, when he took to the scales. Mundine, removing his shirt beforehand, stood posing on the scales. In doing so, it appeared apparent that his shorts were just about to slip from his hips.

That was until Soliman acted first and pulled the 33-year-old title holder's pants down mid-pose - Mundine responded to the humiliation by grabbing his crutch and thrusting it towards the laughing crowd.

"He reckons he's going to make me pay for dacking him but it's funny," Soliman said. "They were half hanging down anyway so I [thought I] might as well drop them all [the way]."

Mundine was less impressed, however, and looked genuinely angry and at one stage attempted to head butt the challenger and had to be pulled away.

"He caught me with my hands down, but come [tomorow night] my hands are going to be up and he's not going to catch me like that," Mundine said. "I'm going to hurt him. I'm going to hurt him bad. I told him I'm going to make him pay for that ****."

Mundine (31-3, 23 knockouts) tomorrow night will be defending for the fourth time the title - which is secondary to the standing of the division's undisputed champion Joe Calzaghe - that he won last March by stopping Soliman (35-10, 13 knockouts) in the ninth round. The pair have met twice before, with Mundine winning the first, in 2001, by a controversial split-points decision, before Soliman was stopped last year for the first time in his career.

The Victorian Soliman, who has been training at the famous Wild Card gym in Los Angeles, where fighters such as Bernard Hopkins and Manny Pacquiao train, said he had learned from his previous losses to Mundine and planned on keeping his perfect record in Melbourne.

"This fight is going to be the learning curve of being able to not fight on emotion and do what I do best and just box and do what I love doing and when you do what you love doing you'll do it better so I'm going to go out there and box smart and out-smart him," Soliman said.

both fighters came in under the limit
with soliman at 75.2 and mundine 75.1 kg
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