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It pains me to say this but... Anthony "The Man" Mundine is the newly crowned WBA World Super Middleweight Champion via 9th Round Stoppage of Sam "King" Soliman.

It hurts me... because Mundine is a horrible human being... I respect Mike Tyson and everything that he has gone through a whole lot more than Anthony Mundine.

This proves that Mundine is a good boxer... AMONGST THE AUSTRALIAN SCENE!

When you look at The Australian Scene... besides that really great Flyweight Champion that put Vitor Burgos into brain surgery the other night... you've got ex-mob legbreakers, ex-kickboxers and ex-rugby leage playing thugs in the heavyweight division... who can't even really box... nor brawl!!!

You see... brawling is still boxing... there are still boxing moves... these ex-rugby league players in the heavyweight division such as John "I stick my finger up people's bums" Hopoate JUST THROW THEIR WEIGHT AROUND AND THAT'S IT!!!

Everybody in Australia will crap on about how good these guys are... PUT THEM ON THE WORLD STAGE AT CAESAR'S PALACE AGAINST SOME "REAL BOXERS" AND THEY'LL BE A LAUGHING STOCK!!!

Mundine's win proves he is a good boxer through the eyes of The Australian Boxing Scene... which isn't really much nowadays!

Let's see him try his luck amongst some "REAL FIGHTERS" (Mind you... I did say that Danny Green and Sam Soliman were overrated boxers as well... and that Mundine is still yet to take on anybody who is really legit)!

I wonder if Calzaghe will take on Anthony Mundine?
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