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Mundine v. Calzaghe/Kessler/Taylor/Wright

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In an interview yesterday when appearing on a sporting/comedy variety show... Mundine stated that he was going to beat Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler in The Super Middleweight Division.

He then went on to state that he plans on losing a few pounds and beating Winky Wright and Jermain Taylor in The Middleweight Division.

Some Australians "respect him now" because he has "proven them all wrong" through his victories over fellow Ausralian Boxers Danny Green and Sam Soliman... and also... by the fact that he is now a 2-Time WBA Super Middleweight Champion.

I say again... when Mundine took on 3 World Class Fighters in The Supper Middleweight Division... he was knocked out COLD by Sven Ottke... didn't like that... so he boxed on the outside against Mikkel Kessler and Manny Siaca... knowing that if he got too close... he'd get knocked out again... and Mundine's too scared to be knocked out.

He lost those 2 fights by Unanimous Decision.

So far... he is yet to have any real legitimate victories.

Green and Soliman were just as overrated as he was... and The Australian Boxing Scene at the moment isn't much for starters... and that win over Antwun Echols? He just barely got off a court date... and didn't have the time to train and prepare properly for the fight.

Mundine's shameless self promotion tactics (Rap Music, Video Clips, TV Shows, Celebrity Big Brother etc) are just stupid!

I admit he is a good athlete and a good boxer (and should've stuck with Rugby League)... he is not great... and those 4 NON-AUSTRALIAN Guys that he says he will beat... HE IS DREAMING!

He even stated that he plans on winning World Championships in several other weight divisions... not just Super Middleweight and Middleweight.

Does anybody here think that he can beat the likes of Calzaghe/Kessler/Taylor/Wright?:D
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tommygunn said:
mundines a bum in my book, anybody who's ko'd by otkke and his 5ko's shouldn't be in the same ring as wink, calzaghe, kessler and it pains me to say it but taylor to.
I agree totally on this one man.
They still have Sam Solomon :)
I was being extremely sarcastic. :) He throws the weirdest punches I've ever seen.
White Tyson said:
The thing about Australian Boxers is that... nowadays... they all think they're tough. They probably are. They think that because they're built with Six-Packs... can throw hard punches... and are really fit... that that's all you need to make it as a boxer... right? WRONG!!! There is so much more to it... PSYCHOLOGY... different kinds of punches... Stamina... EVERYTHING... Australian Boxers suck... they're just thugs with tattoos who get into pointless drunken brawls and pubs, bars and nightclubs... who probably did Kickboxing in the first place. Most kickboxers who become boxers SUCK... Randall 'Tex' Cobb was "OK" and so was PAUL BRIGGS (who is Australian... although he was born in New Zealand)... but these Australian Boxers talk themselves up like they're top ****... and the media does so as well... BUT THEY'RE NOT TOP ****!!! They are SECOND RATE when compared to African-American Boxers... Latinos, British, Irish... hell... EVEN WHITE AMERICANS... the rest of the world perhaps... FILLIPINOS... so on and so forth! Australian Boxers are in their own stupid thuggish mob world... and that's not boxing!!! :cool:
You seem to have had a bad time in Australia one time bro
Hahaha I was just kidding but was right! :) I've never been there myself.
I understand your defending of Mundine but you are defending losses. Soloman had a good showing with Mayweather due to his akward style but after he figured him out that was it. I just do not see mundine as anything special. Maybe he will prove us all wrong but I doubt it.
I was thinkin the same thing, how ironic. :)
starks9970 said:
Dude is it just mundine you have a problem with or the whole of Australia? 'We are up ourselves'...way to generalize bro..its like me saying all americans are fat when only most of them are. News flash, australias actually dont talk like that, except maybe out in some backwater ******* towns, and Steve Irwin is dead! (he wasnt even that popular here by the way)

It looks like some aussie has seriously humilated you in the past or something bro. Its not surprising as you are ****ing stupid. Get over it!
Easy Killer. Don't get all wound up over someone's comment. People trash the US all the time and it doesn't bother me as I only see individuals regardless of where I am. I understand your frustration but to come on a board and trash one of our members on your FIRST post???

And yes, there are a lot of fat fu*ks here!:)

All said, welcome to the board!
You people? What do you mean by "you people?" LOLOLOL if you got it I'm glad. I couldn't resist. :)

Anyways, back to the thread...I think I can speak for all of us when I say that Mundine is talented but is in no way in the same league as Wright, Taylor, or Calzaghe. That is it. Nobody is really out to just diss Mundine, or at least I'm not. We are just saying that he is not in the same class as the others. He has plenty of time to continue getting better and he may end up being great? I doubt it but its possible.

Once again...welcome to the board my friend.
Actually we agree on quite alot. Other than my insisting that Oscar is no match for Floyd :)
I think all professional boxers are talented. Hence the word professional.
I wouldn't go that far but I do think Lacy would hurt him. Mundine isn't ready for the likes of boxers like Lacy.
tommygunn said:
lacy wouldn't hurt him. lmao

sven otkke stopped him and sven was king of the pillow punchers, lacy is the hardest hitter at 168 since benn.
I said Lacy WOULD hurt him.
jahobe said:
I think Mundine would beat calzaghe, kessler would be close but he has improved alot since the last kessler fight, people keep bringing up otkke it was his 10th fight, which he was winning for 9 rounds in germany and he got knocked out, he has only lost to world champs and has went 12 rounds with kessler and danny green who are 2 of the hardest hitters in the division (green is now light heavy), Calzaghe is an great fighter but over rated which shows you how bad lacy is, if Calzaghe had the guts to come to Sydney and take mundine on he would get taken apart. At the moment Kessler is the best super middle weight in the world but give mundine 1 or 2 more fights and he will be
So what part of Australia are you from?
White Tyson said:
Probably The Bogan Part... did he just say that Mundine can beat Calzaghe? :laugh: That makes me laugh!
Yes he sure did. I understand his love for Mundine after listening to the Aussie commentators during the Keller fight. :laugh:

As Kessler was dominating Mundine through every round into the 10th round they were trying to decide whether Kessler was up by only one or two rounds! They were trying to sell that guy so badly it made me hate him even more.

But I'm guessing that they don't have too many successful sports figures so they have to love what they have. That's cool though, I just hate him after learning what he said and watching him get cocky against Ottke and get KO'D!
jahobe said:
Im from Sydney and from a country of 20 million we have plenty of sports figures here on the top of the world. I agree he was no contest for kessler back then but kessler couldnt get him out of there, he is a different fighter now he might talk **** but he can box and yes i think he would beat calzaghe not cos i am from australia but as a boxing fan i think he would be to quick and has defensive skills that would make calzaghe look average. the real king of the division is kessler.
Well as a boxing fan why are you're only posts/responses related to Mundine threads?
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