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GL: What's the latest and greatest with Andre Berto? "The latest and greatest is, I'm always on the move. I'm looking to do bigger and better things. I believe my next fight will be in late April or May."

GL: Any idea who some of the potential opponents are?

Andre Berto: "Not too much. There's a lot of potential opponents out there. Everybody knows I'm the new kid on the block when it comes to the top ten on the welterweight scale, so I'm not sure yet."

GL: Who do you like in Mosley-Judah?

AB: "It's going to be a really competitive fight, it all depends on which Zab Judah shows up that night. Zab has incredible skills, but at times he freezes up under the lights. But at the same time he can hurt anybody. If they both come at their best it's going to be a great fight."

GL: Who do you like in Cintron-Margarito?

AB: "I think I have to go with Margarito. I think he's going to take it again. But we'll see, it comes down to which guy comes in better shape and takes it more seriously. Both of those fights can be great, it just depends on how guys show up for them."

GL: Can Andre Berto fight as well going backwards as he does going forwards?

AB: "Definitely man. I'm a really good offensive fighter going forward. But with Estrada he pushed me back and I had to box him off my back foot. It depends on what my opposition brings, I can adapt to different styles. I can fight going forward, I can fight going backwards, it doesn't matter."

GL: Where you disappointed at how little resistance Trabant put up?

AB: "Yeah, in a way I was. In all his tapes he really puts in work. That's the way he beat a lot of his guys by outworking them and bringing the heat. I was looking forward to a really, good exciting fight with him. But what can I do? We don't get paid for overtime. I was going in there to do what I do. I think I cracked him early in the first round and it got him hesistant in there. I just had to do what I do and go in there and work without worrying about him too much."

GL: Being your own worst critic, what part of your game do you feel needs the most sharpening?

AB: "Right now I know I am my biggest critic. Even when I watched the Trabant I saw a lot of things that I should have done better that would have helped me look a lot sharper. Definitely the defense needs to be tightened up and just continue to stand behind that jab and keep the head movement up."

GL: How many more fights before you feel comfortable facing the elites? The winners or losers of the fights we mentioned earlier?

AB: "This year. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in the ring. I feel extremely comfortable and I'm just ready to work. We're going to make some leaps and bounds this year and leave the prospect stage and jump into the big time contender stage."

GL: Do you see yourself ever fighting Carlos Quintana, who is also promoted by Lou DiBella?

AB: "Oh yeah, definitely. Quintana and all of those guys have something I want. He has that belt and all those other guys have belts also. I have all of them guys on the radar, right now I"m just laying back and playing my part. I'm going to continue to prove myself and in due time I'll get my shot."

GL: Closing thoughts?

AB: "You already know, I've been getting a lot of love from the fans and I've been giving it back to them. It's fun and I'm going to continue to bring it hard, keep watching because this is going to be a big year for me. It's the young boss, Andre Berto AKA the Beast."
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