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*NEW* Mayweather Interview 11/16/07

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Stu, GA: Did the Dancing with the Stars show mess up your training for your next fight?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:07 PM ET ) No, not at all. Dancing with the Stars was a great experience for me. It took me totally out of my element and challenged me. It was one of the best things I could have ever done.

Alec (Nashville): Pretty Boy - many people believe you need to win convincingly (probably by KO) against Hatton in order to earn the P4P King status. Your thoughts?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:08 PM ET ) I put pressure on myself because I want to perform well for my fans as well as for myself. I will come out on Dec. 8 and continue to dominate my opponents like I've done in the past. With this fight, I'm expecting my best performance to date.

Errol Moore (Wilmington, DE): Floyd, some say that Ricky Hatton is your toughfest opponent yet. What is your answer to that, and what round do you expect to knock him out.

Floyd Mayweather: (3:09 PM ET ) We won't know until Dec. 8. I'm expecting a knockout. There is no way Hatton will beat me that night. I know he's going to bring his A game, but I'm going to bring my A++ game and show him that he's not on my level.

curtis philadelphia pennsylvania: first off you are a great boxer but what do you think about people that say you haven't fought great competition

Floyd Mayweather: (3:11 PM ET ) Well, obviously, that's someone's opinion, which I respect everyone's opinion. But you would never be able to get to this level and accomplish what I've accomplished at this level. I'm a six-time champion at five different levels. Name one person that's been able to accomplish what I've accomplished. Just name one.

Ben - Boston, MA: Hatton calls himself "Mr. Pressure" and says he will pressure you more than you have ever been pressured. How will you handle his pressure style?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:12 PM ET ) I welcome that. I hope he can bring as much pressure as possible because all that will do is bring the best out in me. I've been in 17 world champion fights and have seen all sorts of styles. He's only been in 4 championship fights. I'm the only elite fighter in the world.

Brian (NY, NY): Did your time on the dancing show make you more recognizable and give you even more fans than expected? If so, did you like it better when your fans just followed you and your career based on your achievements in the ring?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:13 PM ET ) The support from the fans all over the world has been phenomenal. The show reaches over 25 million viewers a week. My popularity has soared tremendously. The Dancing with the Stars definitely elevated me to another position. And I'm very thankful. The first thing people tell me now is that they loved me on the show. They don't talk about my boxing. The support has been wonderful and I appreciate everything.

Isaac Phoenix, AZ: Floyd, anything different you're doing in training for this fight as opposed to past fights? Good luck on the fight!

Floyd Mayweather: (3:15 PM ET ) No, not at all. Most fighters would say that they're in the best shape of my life. Me, I always come to every fight in tip top condition. I take every opponent seriously. I take no one lightly. For this camp, I've had the best sparring I've had in any fight up to this point. I thank my two top sparring partners.

Floyd Mayweather: (3:15 PM ET ) They have been a tremendous help in my preparation.

Shaun hatch, Jonesboro, AR: PBF, A lot of people underestimate your power. Do you think Ricky will be caught off guard not only by your speed, but you power too?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:16 PM ET ) No, I don't think he'll be caught off guard, because a lot of times, what happens is a fighter knows what another guy brings to the table. He knows that I can punch, trust me. Come Dec. 8, when he gets knocked out, he'll be the first to acknowledge that.

Dominic Jersey City, NJ: Do you think Ricky Hatton does anything better than you?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:17 PM ET ) From what I hear he drinks with the best of them. I don't drink. But from what I understand, he drinks with the best of them. That's what he's known for.

marty simmons buffalo ny: bring it on my money is on hatton he,s goning to crush floyd im soo sure of this im putting my house on the line

Floyd Mayweather: (3:18 PM ET ) Marty, hopefully you have friends and family in the area, because I can guarantee you that you will be homeless come Dec. 8.

Tommy(TheStatPack): After you win next month is it Mayweather vs Cotto?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:18 PM ET ) My focus is solely on Ricky Hatton. I'm not thinking of any other fighter other than Ricky Hatton.

LARRY WALTHOUR JR. ROSAMOND CA: Why the critics always saying you are always ducking people? It seems to me its the other way around.

Floyd Mayweather: (3:19 PM ET ) Once again, that's obviously someone's opinion. At the end of the day, it's an opinion. Anyone that knows anything about the sport will tell you when you're at the very top, everyone is gunning for you. It's impossible to meet every challenge and please every one. But I've been the best in this sport for a number of years. All I've done is continue to be the best I can be and that's all I'm trying to do.

Anthony (Bronx, NY): In your victory against DeLaHoya, you dressed up in Mexican attire during your ring entrance. Would you entertain dressing up in some British duds? Perhaps a powdered wig while drinking a spot of tea?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:20 PM ET ) (laughs) I have an unbelievable ring entrance planned for my fight. Be sure to tune in, because it will be an unbelievable ring appearance right along with an unbelieveable ring performance.

Brandon, MI: Do you think there is any chance of you ever moving up to middleweight for a title shot and a large payday?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:22 PM ET ) My focus is solely on Hatton. Who knows what the future might hold. That's what happens with fighters, they tend to look forward instead of the task at hand. I've been successful by focusing on the next fight. I want to give the fans my best on Dec. 8. That's what I want to do is give my best and knock Ricky Hatton out.

Floyd Mayweather: (3:23 PM ET ) I would like to say to all my fans on - thank you very much for all the support over the years. I appreciate all your support. Be sure to tune in on Dec. 8 for an unbelievable performance. You won't be disappointed....
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i like how floyd brought up the fact he has four times the amount of championship fights that hatton does.
Me too. If you guys would please take the time to read this. Its actually not a bad interview and floyd is very gentleman like in it.
"Marty, hopefully you have friends and family in the area, because I can guarantee you that you will be homeless come Dec. 8."

:laugh: :laugh: he got that right
Mayweather shows some class... didn't know he had it in him.;)
I laughed my ass off on that part. Floyd seemed so humble about it lol i would kill to hear that part of the interview.
I wish more people would actually pay attention to what he says other than the "badass" act. People tend to just listen without HEARING him until he acts an ass. And then they are comforted by having their hate for him reinstated. Boo haters, boo.
Dominic Jersey City, NJ: Do you think Ricky Hatton does anything better than you?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:17 PM ET ) From what I hear he drinks with the best of them. I don't drink. But from what I understand, he drinks with the best of them. That's what he's known for.
That made me laugh:laugh: He came across as a cool guy in that interview.
nice interview floyd!, i'd like to stay and chat but im going to the pub to do what im ''known for''
come on ricky! you should know better than that. you want to win don't you;)
I asked this ricky hatton in a pm if i could have his autograph and he never responded, yet he responded to other pm's i sent him. You need to be training ricky........
tyson, i responded to all your pm's mate apart from the autograph request which was the last one you sent me, this wasnt out of nastiness but when you have a six year old running havoc in the house its hard to reply to every pm.
if you want anything signing thats no problem mate and by the way ive got a nice t-shirt back from the printers to wear after the fight with a nice picture of ricky fatton, its a new design that will make you chuckle that no body has seen yet. you never know it might have a message for you tyson!!
Hey then Ricky, explain why you voted Mayweather in the P4P best of all-time thread? Who are your favourite fighter's of all-time?
The interview was pretty cool from Floyd. I just wish he would mix it up a little more and not say the same things over and over, but I guess when you do an interview practically every day it gets a little repetitive.

To the guy acting like Hatton I hope you are enjoying whatever satisfaction you are getting from your impersonations.
lol thats not Hatton?!?!?!?!?:confused: :laugh: I dont think anyones fooled.... Floyd came across well in that interview, its good to see:thumbsup:
When the cameras are off Floyd is himself.
LoL its just so amazing how well his english grammar is.........Anywayz...........I thought floyd changeed it up a little, he's acting very serious as of lately.
They need to announce the referee already.
They'll probabley wait until the last week.
I wouldn't be surprised man. I hate that, but they don't want fans having three weeks of bitching about the referee that is chosen.
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