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Hello everyone,

I am new to, and was graciously referred to this site by a member named Bill. My screen name is Mr.Magoo, but my real name is Patrick Magliore.

I have been posting on various chat forums for roughly two years. I enjoy most sports topics including baseball, football, basketball, MMA, and of course boxing. I have a wife and a 1 year old daughter whom I live with in northern Illinois. My profession is an office manager for my family's business. I enjoy working out, and playing the bagpipes as a past time.

Enough about me, I look forward to posting here regularly,

Mr. Magoo
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Welcome aboard. You have any problem with this thread being moved to the lounge. Forum rules.

Oh and you were referred by a legend here.
Welcome aboard man :thumbsup:.
Welcome aboard man:thumbsup: Think i have seen you on another forum, you big on boxing history?
Welcome aboard mate. :thumbsup:
Very much so. I enjoy boxing history and discussions of past fighters. Its possible you may have seen me on East Side Boxing forums.
Welcome aboard, what the f :dunno:

This isn't an episode of the love boat:laugh:

Hiya Magoo fella:thumbsup:


Let's say no more about boats...I am off now for a ship, hope the flush works :p
welcome to the forum, magoo...............nice avatar:D
Welcome to the forum, Patrick!
Welcome Patrick Like yourself I love boxing history and I will be seeking your help when I can't rember a certain detail, is that all right with you ?
I'm sure it is.
Welcome to the forum
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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