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Hi, Im new to the whole boxing scene. Im 17 5'6" and about 135 lbs and not in great but ok shape.I had a little experience with fighting when I was in karate. I was wondering how would I go about learning,training/lifting, and eating right. Ive been looking at some weekly workouts to get in top shape but im not sure what I should be doing since im just starting out. Im looking to get lessons but they seem pretty expensive $55 an hour at the closest gym where i live qls. There are other gyms but I live in the outskirts of houston so its a about a 45 min drive into the city. any tips, workout routines, or websites i can look at would be helpful... thanks.
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Welcome to the forums!
Im going to continue posting additional guides for different aspects of boxing that might help explain some things to you. Youll see them stickied at the top of the training and nutrition section.

Really the best way to get into boxing is to find a local gym or a Police Athletic League in your area to learn properly and train. $55 an hour is LUDICROUS.
At a decent boxing gym, youll pay that or less for a
Also, check this list to see if any of these may be closer to you

Texas Boxing Gyms
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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