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Hey all,

I've just started training with my local ABC
and will probably be on here with all sort of
questions over the next weeks/months/years.

The first I was gonna ask was, when your ready for
your first fight as an amateur, how do you organise
it? Do the gyms just organise exhibitions against
eachother? Or do you enter tournaments or what?
How long would you think the average non-fit civvie
would take to get up to shape/speed for it?

Peace out y'all, go Ricky this weekend!

- Matt

PS My nickname is one i got in high school when
I was REALLY underweight, i'm not being really
pretentious or anything :D

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From what I know, you have to train for 4 months before you finnally get into a fight. The gyms will take care of the fight thing, and you should be told about any plans.
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