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I watch the draft , been watching it all day just switching to nba ever now and then.My boy McFadden went to the Raiders and Jones went to the Cowboys. My damn Titans didn't take a wr yet but got a good Running Back , but we need a WR.

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I absolutely loved out first round picks man. Sucks for McFadden that he has to play in Oakland, but Fargas had some great games last year, so its clear that the opportunity is there. Something tells me Felix Jones will be a better pro than McFadden.

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First round
(1)Miami Dolphins Long, Jake

(2)St. Louis Rams Long, Chris

(3)Atlanta Falcons Ryan, Matt

(4)Oakland Raiders McFadden, Darren

(5)Kansas City Chiefs Dorsey, Glenn

6)New York Jets Gholston, Vernon

(7) New Orleans Saints Ellis, Sedrick

(8) Jacksonville Jaguars Harvey, Derrick

(9) Cincinnati Bengals Rivers, Keith

(10) New England Patriots Mayo, Jerod

(11) Buffalo Bills McKelvin, Leodis

(12) Denver Broncos Clady, Ryan

(13) Carolina Panthers Stewart, Jonathan

(14) Chicago Bears Williams, Chris

(15) Kansas City Chiefs Albert, Branden

(16) Arizona Cardinals Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique

(17) Detroit Lions Cherilus, Gosder

(18) Baltimore Ravens Flacco, Joe

(19) Carolina Panthers (From Eagles) Otah, Jeff

(20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Talib, Aqib

(21) Atlanta Falcons Baker, Sam

(22) Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) Jones, Felix

(23) Pittsburgh Steelers Mendenhall, Rashard

(24) Tennessee Titans Johnson, Chris RB

(25) Dallas Cowboys Jenkins, Mike

(26) Houston Texans Brown, Duane

(27) San Diego Chargers Cason, Antoine

(28) Seattle Seahawks Jackson, Lawrence

(29) San Francisco 49ers Balmer, Kentwan

30 (30) New York Jets Keller, Dustin TE

31 (31) New York Giants Phillips, Kenny
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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