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LOL .. This is bad when you guys have football on this too .. Pats are winning 100% I give the chargers about a 5% chance of winning just because they are on the field. I am not taking the line for that game I am going to be on the OVER .. NE is good for MIN 28 Pts.. Chargers are gonna have to throw the ball alot down field .. Big Recievers ..I think Rivers will play too and if he doesnt Tomlinson cant do it all .. NE has very small CB .. and they dont have good FAST LB that can drop back and double recievers ... just coming from a betting man thats all .. for game # 2 ..

I think Giants can cover... they got blown out last time vs Green Bay but it was in the 4th qt it fell apart.. They are playing high on momentum...I think they cover the 7 1/2 pt spread ....

I have $ on RJJ tonight if I win that I will make a LARGE bet on the Over for the Pats .. and then MIGHT bet on the giants.. might just watch to enjoy since they are my squad.. GL to all who bet !
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