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By Johnny Benz

A report out yesterday by ESPN indicated that Evander Holyfield was in negotiations to fight Nikolai Valuev. Further reports in the media have reported a fight between the two heavyweights was close to being finalized for December 20th. However, due to some excellent reporting by Alexey Potapov for FightNews, it seems there is no truth behind the reports.

Nikolai Valuev tells Potapov of FightNews: "In general there is an arrangement to fight against Kali Meehan and
this fight will take place on December 6th. I'm preparing for this fight. Today I learn that a fight against Holyfield is planned for December 20th. You want me to fight again in two weeks? It's totally ludicrous."

Potapov also quoted Valuev's manager, Boris Demitrov. Demitrov stated: "I know nothing about a fight between Nikolai and Holyfield. I talked today with Don King, even he knows nothing about it. Most likely it's an invention."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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