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Not very good.

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Chris Byrd is not very good. He has a little bit of speed but the power just isn't there. Wladimir Klichko has questionable jaw and twice now Byrd hasn't put him down. He should have been able to. He's a southpaw and should be able to land easier. Also he can't take a punch. If Thomas Hearns, or Hagler hit him with a clean shot he would go down, and they were middle and welterweights. I just can't imagine him having the title again.:cool:
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Last I heard he was movin down to cruiserweight , wich I think is a good idea.

He doesnt have the power to fight at heavyweight & is not as slick as he was 10 years ago. I do think he is a good boxer & defensive fighter.

I would love to see him in with any of the top 10 cruisers.
Yeah, he will do better as a cruiserweight.:cool:
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