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The Hiltons

Dave Hilton, Sr. - 3 Weight Champion for Canadian titles
Dave Hilton, Jr. - World champion
Matthew Hilton - World Champion

The Tiozzos
Fabrice, world Super-Middleweight champion
Christophe, world Cruiserweight champion, Fabrice's brother

The Rocchigianis
Ralf, world Cruiserweight champion (WBO)
Graciano, world Super Middleweight champion (IBF); world Light Heavyweight champion (WBC), Ralf's brother

The Chavezs
Julio Cesar, 3 division world champion
Julio Cesar Jr., boxing prospect
Roberto, 1990s contender, Julio Sr.'s brother

The Marquezs

Juan Manuel former featherweight world champion
Rafael world bantamweight champion, Juan Manuel's brother

The Ruelas

Gabriel, world Jr. Lightweight champion
Rafael, world Lightweight champion, Gabriel's brother

The Pacquiaos

Manny, several division world champion, Ring Magazine pound for pound #3
Bobby, super featherweight challenger, Manny's brother

The Penalosas

Doddie Boy Penalosa, IBF Light Flyweight Champion (the first of that governing body), IBF Flyweight Champion. (Older brother)
Gerry Penalosa, WBC Super Flyweight Champion, WBU Super Flyweight Champion. (Younger brother)

The Camachos
Felix, former world title challenger
Hector, 3 division world champion, Felix's brother
Hector Jr., contender

The Klitschkos

Vitali, world Heavyweight champion
Wladimir, world Heavyweight champion

The Alis

Laila, women's world Middleweight champion
Muhammad, Laila's father, former world Heavyweight champion

The Baers

Buddy, former world title challenger
Max, world Heavyweight champion, Buddy's brother; Jethro's real-life pa

The Canizales
Gaby, world Bantamweight champion
Orlando, world Bantamweight champion, Gaby's brother

The Currys
Bruce, world Jr. Welterweight champion
Donald, world Welterweight champion, Bruce's brother

The Hopkins family

Bernard former undisputed middleweight champion of the world, light heavyweight champion
Demetrius Light welterweight challenger, nephew to Bernard

The Jones

Roy Sr, fought Marvin Hagler
Roy Jr. former undisputed light heavyweight champion, former Ring Magazine #1 pound for pound boxer in the world

The Judahs

Daniel, light-heavyweight contender, Zab's older brother
Josiah, super-middleweight boxer, Zab's younger brother
Yoel, family patriarch, boxer, trainer, and kickboxing champion
Zab, former undisputed welterweight champion, Yoel's son

The Mayweathers

Floyd Jr., 4 division world champion
Floyd Sr., 1970s–1980s contender
Jeff, 1990s contender, Floyd Sr.'s brother
Roger, 2 division world champion, Floyd Sr.'s brother, Floyd Jr.'s Trainer

The Norris

Orlin, former world Cruiserweight champion, fought Mike Tyson
Terry, 3 time world Jr. Middleweight champion

The Spinks

Cory, former world undisputed Welterweight champion
Leon, world Heavyweight champion, Cory's father
Michael, 2 division world champion, Cory's uncle​
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