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Who wins and how?

  • Kessler by UD

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • Miranda by UD

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kessler by KO

    Votes: 13 48.1%
  • Miranda by KO

    Votes: 5 18.5%

*Official* Mikkel Kessler vs Edison Miranda Thread*

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Mikkel Kesslers promoter Mogens Palle said today that negotiations with Team Miranda is closing fast. HBO has agreed to televise the bout and wants it on at May 10, 2008. The date is by no means certain and Palle would rather the fight take place in june.

No contract is yet signed but there seems to be willingness from both camps.

Who you guys got?
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I was under the impression this fight wasn't happening. If it does, I think Kessler takes it by UD
Kessler by UD , i didnt think this was going to happen either. I got this off fightnews

Miranda calls out Winky, too
Where’s Kessler? That's the question on people's minds after the highly publicized statement from Edison Miranda calling out the former WBC/WBA super middleweight champion. Conspicuously quiet since Miranda let the world know that handlers of the "Viking Warrior” refused to accept the fight, Kessler - in need of some career rehabilitation after the 12 round boxing lesson he was given by Joe Calzaghe last November – is presumed by Seminole Warriors Boxing to be missing and refusing to come out until the big, bad 'Pantera' goes away. "I’m not surprised Kessler the Kitten disappeared when the big cat came around," said Miranda. "I wish him luck in his future endeavors as a model, actor, race car driver or video game player, because it’s obvious that he’s no longer a fighter." The proposed Miranda-Kessler fight received significant offers from both HBO and Showtime until Team Kessler backed out of negotiations. He has not been heard from since – not surprising, since few in the upper reaches of the super middleweight division have shown interest in dealing with the concussive punching Miranda. "I want the Kessler fight, the fans want it, but he doesn’t want to step up and fight the best," said Miranda. "He’s just like the rest of the division. I think the only man left in this fight game besides me is Winky Wright. Hey Winky, since Pavlik turned you down and you need a dance partner. Call my promoter and let’s do it
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Kessler was just mad that everyone was talking about how the fight was already made so he denied everything, even though the fight is still and was still in negotiations at the time.
this is good to hear. should be an interesting fight. I'll take Kessler in a decision. I'm looking forward to this one.
Kessler by knockout

hope the negociations work out well and the fight happens, it sounds great to me
it will be interesting to see how kessler comes back after his first loss if hes anything like he was pre calzaghe i will go kessler wide ud or late ko.
i'd have to go with kessler being he actually possesses boxing skills, however i think miranda could present some problems for him. i hope nobody thinks that kessler is going to put a pavlik like beat down on miranda. i think it was fairly obvious that miranda was weakened from making 160, so he'll put in a better performance against kessler at 168 imo.

i'm glad team kessler step up and started negotiating.
Kessler is superior in every department apart from power. Miranda will always look awesome when hes fighting crappy fighters, but when he steps it up he'll get beaten handily everytime.

Kessler by late stoppage.
I dont know about that tom. As much as I dont like arthur abraham. He's a middleweight version of ricky hatton/miguel cotto and is very good. And Miranda beat him imo.
This fight isn't even signed yet. Why does it say official? I'm confused.
Its simply the official thread. It doesnt necessarily have to be a signed fight. We've been getting alot of kessler miranda threads so I made this one so we dont have that problem.
If Kessler respects Miranda too much and let him move forward, kessler might have some problems. Allan Green and Abraham arent bad all and they took a beating from Miranda.
Green was deathly sick in his defense.
Should have been a public thread....

Kessler TKO 12
Miranda will have to knock Kessler out to beat him.
I agree man. There's no way Miranda outboxes Kessler over 12 unless Kessler is ruined after Calzaghe. Can't see it.
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It is public shane.
Kessler with the UD And I agree the only way Miranda win is if he knocks him out.
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