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Oleg Maskeav vs Sam Peter - Results Thread

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In the first heavyweight title fight ever to be held in Mexico, "The Nigerian Nightmare" Samuel Peter (30-1, 23 KOs) stopped Oleg Maskaev (34-6, 26 KOs) in round six to claim the WBC heavyweight title in Saturday night at the Plaza De Toros in Cancun. Both fighters rocked each other in an exciting round three, and Peter had established a two point lead after four rounds. Peter ended the show with a sustained barrage of punches that prompted referee Guadelupe Garcia to stop the fight. Time was 2:56.

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Peter is somewhat fun to watch. Wlad is more entertaining to me but I think Wlad can get a late round TKO on Peter just as Peter will do to Maskeav. Hopefully this fight leads to a rematch if Wlad wins as well. But Peter can't look past Maskeav as he is still a decent fighter and could pull off a decision if Peter doesn't knock him out.
prime(skinny/er) Toney would beat either of these guys along with Wlad...too let YOU know lol. McCline fight was a fluke IMO. Peter KO's McCline 3 out of 5 fights. Think he just underestimated McCline and took to many heavy punches.
Brutus said:
I doubt Toney as a hw could have beaten Wlad atleast not todays wlad.
oh but he could have. A 2003-2004 Toney could paralyze Wlad. Put him into a early retirement like Vitali. I'd even say Toney does a number on him in a 2008 fight but it would likely end with a UD win for Wlad.
1 - 4 of 95 Posts
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