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Omar Nino Wants Second Drug Test

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By Ronnie Nathanielsz

MEXICO’S light flyweight champion Omar Niño is not ready to give up his title without a fight following a report by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that his post-fight urine sample tested positive for the banned substance methamphetamine.

Niño demanded that the commission follow the guidelines of the World Boxing Council and perform a second test on his urine sample, insisting that the first test was flawed.

His manager Fernando Beltran said he had spoken to Niño, who told him he didn’t take anything.

“I honestly trust this kid,” said Beltran, who also told the Los Angeles Times that Niño was “super surprised. He’s asking as a fighter, as a sportsman, how do you take that [drug] when you perform at a high level over 12 rounds like he did. He is very curious about this result.”

The chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission said Niño faces a possible suspension, cancelation of his license and the fight is likely to be declared a no-decision.

But Brian Viloria, who lost his title to Niño and then failed to regain it when the rematch was declared a split draw, insisted that the WBC strip Niño of the title and hand it over to him. His manager Gary Gittelsohn wants the same thing.
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I didnt like the decision to begin with, I hope Vloria gets another shot at the title.
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