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I put together a workout, just started boxing recently and I take weight training in school so this is what ive been doing. Opinion on this workout.

Seated Row 2 sets
Lat. Pull down 2 sets
Shoulder press + Shoulder lifts 3 sets
Bench press 2 sets
Bicep curls 2 sets
Tricep pull downs 2 sets
Incline bench press 2 sets
Decline abdominal bench 25-50 sit ups 2 sets
Crunches 50-100 2 sets
3 rounds of jump rope doing 10 pushups between each round
My bag work is at the gym after school

This will change as I get stronger/more endured
but I just want some opinion on if this is a helpful boxing routine or what I should change
I also try to run a mile every other day
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