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Live In Orlando too

I live in Metro Orlando to. Just got back into the game about a year ago, but have been training in my Gym at home. But since I'm now a registered official with USA Boxing here is what I have been told, although I am still in the process of researching:

- The Box - they sponsored the last contest I officiated. Seem really sound and have a clean gym with state of the art equipment.

- Dan's Boxing - Turned out some very good fighters. I'm guessing they are an old's school gym, so if the price is right I would go there.

- Gym Rate - The most state of the are, but the highest price. Celebrities box there, so I wouldn't bother. They are going to take your money and not give you the attention you need. Unless you have 5 years on you, you need some attention.

- Orlando Amateur Boxing and Fitness - This is in Pinehills, but looked rough and tough and probably has cheap rates. I thought about going here myself.

- Florida MC - Don't know much about this, but the coach has a lot of respect in the boxing community and I'm guessing cheap rates.

- Winter Haven PAL - I was told by the regional coaching official, this place was good, but it is southwest of Orlando. I'm going to actually contact the guy about reffing so hopefully I can get a discount. But PAL's are usually cheap anyway, but the drawback is they usually only have a heavy bag and speedbag and any other equipment is what people bring. Fortunately for me I have a couple special items I would bring with me for sharing. Still gotta contact the guy though.

Like I said I'm looking for a gym myself since I got back in the game so I'm going to contact most of these places and I'll let you know what I find out. Oh and if you need to find the contact info for these places try here:

Florida Association Club List
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