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tysonjones said:
good post bill but it still doesnt mean those old fighters would be modern day fights, i just dont think it would happen. YOU SAY THE GUYS ARE tougher becaue they didnt use mouth guards and fight the same guys over and over. i bet some fighters down aday wish they didnt use mouth guards and fought the same guy over and over. Hell i wish i could and i hate my mouthpiece.
Lie comparing apples and oranges.
The top fighters altered their styles/tactics/technique to conserve energy, meet their opponents specific methods etc.... A fighter without a mouthpiece may move more than bang. If a fighter has power but has neglected training/conditioning, he may go for broke and try for the early K.O. The great fighters met the conditions they faced, be it their own physical limitations of the day or external circumstances.
When Ali discovered he could not dance against Foreman all night he improvised the rope-a-dope. The greats rose to the occasion and changed what they had to to win
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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