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Pac Man/Freddy Roach

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Same Interview with Freddy Roach but i thought id make a new thread so we can stay on one topic

Moving on to Pacquiao, have you talked to Manny lately?

Yes, I talked to Manny last night. Manny asked me if I could come to San Antonio to work his corner for the Solis fight. I told him that I would talk to Oscar about that tomorrow, I will only miss one day if I do, and I told Manny that I would do my best to be there. I think Manny will do fine against Solis. Anybody that decides to trade with Manny doesn't do very well, so we'll see what happens. Manny was 137lbs so weight will be no problem for him to make, as long as he stays away from the distractions. You know what? It seems Manny creates distractions, and he seems to like them, but he doesn't seem to get bothered by them in the ring, at least not yet.

You mentioned that you will talk to Oscar about letting you train Manny in San Antonio, do you think that will be any problem?

I think that it will be no problem because I can fly on Friday night, work his corner Saturday night, and fly back to Puerto Rico Sunday morning. I will ask Oscar to give me a yes or a no answer, go with what his gut tells him, I think it will be ok. I can give Oscar that day off, because sometimes it's better to give a guy a day off anyway, Oscar trains very hard.

Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

Oscar is pretty popular in the Philippines, and it looks like he will be in the Philippines in Cebu at Rey Bautista's fight against Ponce De Leon at the World Cup fight. I told Oscar how beautiful the Philippines is, and how great the fans are there, and how big he is there. Oscar is looking forward to coming to the Philippines.
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Wow so Freddie goes from telling Manny to cancel his fight with Solis to more than likely coming down here to be in his corner. I understand it but I think he should have never suggested that Manny not take this fight due to lack of training. No matter the reason I don't like that Roach has to ASK Oscar to go train a fighter that he has been training for a much longer time than he has been training Oscar.

This is going to be a great card and I will take pics for you guys!
well im sure oscar is paying freddy way more then manny is so oscar did hire him for a one time fight so it kinda makes since in a way.
It sucks for Manny because of the fact he just gets pushed to the side. Hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt him. I wonder how Roach would feel if Manny were to lose? I think it would be BS if DLH did not let him go and work his corner for a night.
Of course Oscar is paying him way more but it would be wrong for him to not be there for Pacquiao. Roach may say he has to "ASK" Oscar but I'm betting that Roach will be in Pac's corner regardless. If for some reason he can't go and it is because of Oscar I'll be pissed as hell.

Freddie will be there.
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