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Pacquiao - Marquez 2?

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pacquiao - marquez 2 is pretty interesting is'nt it? they both beat marco antonio barrera, they have a draw in thier 1st fight. i think it is now time for them to meet again in the ring. do you agree with me??
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windowguy said:
from reading the news sounds like the whole thing just went out the window with suit filed by pac man against golden boy and in return golden boy asking the jusdge for an injuction on the Solis fight.look like Pac man is out of the Barrera-Marquez radar and will have to find other fights out there in my opinion he should have not signed with Bob Arum and stayed with golden boy he would be in line right now for a huge fight with Marquez or Barrera.
I like to point out that Golden boy did not sue Pac man even after he was in breach of the contract he signed with Oscar and it is now only after pac man sued golden boy that they are responding in kind. I think pac man is getting over his head he may be big in the Phillipines but here he just another fighter!!!!
Agreed. He took .5 million from Golden boy and completely breached that contract.

Is his fight in San Antonio, TX still on or did he cancel? Freddie Roach had suggested that he not take the fight due to his recent lack of training for reasons I can't remember?
Pacman is looking past his upcoming fight with Jorge Solis. Freddie Roach encouraged him to cancel this fight. Supposedly he has been too concerned with politics and hasn't done nearly enough training. I think Pac will still win but Solis is no bum.
The fight with Solis is on.
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