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Paul Williams wins via 12 found unanimous decision that was a little to close for my likings because i thought williams won 8 rounds to 3 with 1 even. This guy looks to be a hot young champion and finally margarito is dethroned.

offical scored were 115 113 for williams
115 - 113 for williams
116 - 112 for williams.

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Here was my breakdown of the fight :thumbsup:

1st: Willaims clearly won this round as the busy fighter. He landed far more punches and pressed the action
2nd: A closer round than the first, but still Williams won on volume of punches, and punches landed.
3rd: Margagrito won the first half of the round, but Williams landed some great shots in the second half that made the round much closer. I thought Williams landed the more effective shots (sveeral to the body, several to the head) and therefore, I gave him the round.
4th: Maragrito landed a few nice body shots, but was outboxed in this round by Williams. Paul landed several good punches and outworked Toni again, taking the round
5th: Another good action round. Margarito landed a couple of solid shots, but Williams did more work. I could see this one going the other way on some cards, but I felt Williams did more work.
6th: Williams won the round. He landed more clean shots, punched in combinations.
Through 6 Rounds (Compubox): Willaims -599 punches 124 landed 22%
Margarito-246 punches 64 landed 26%
Harold Letterman scorecard thru 6 60-54 Williams
7th: Margarito really finally picked up the pace, and pressed some great action against Williams. Margarito won the round .Referee gives Paul a hard warning in between rounds (dont know why, they ere punchig out themselves)
8th: Williams threw more punches, but Margarito's were more powerful and more effective. Margarito won this round
9th: Williams came out with a renewed bounce to his step and worked hard. He outworked Margarito in the first half of the round, last half was about even, therefore Paul won the round
10th: Tough round to score. It was very back and forth for a while. Most of Pauls punches in the first half were blocked by Toni's gloves, while Toni was landing some soft, but clean punches. He also came forward the whole round. I gave Margarito a close 10th round
11th: Margarito's best round of the fight. He landed a couple of bombs on Williams, and cut paul half way through the round. Paul williams has a great chin, as they didnt seem to weaken his legs a bit! Margarito's round for sure. Where was this the whole fight??
12th: Williams came out with alot of energy, and threw 1,2,3 punches at a time and moved. He won the 12th

Punch Totals (Compubox) Williams 1256 total punches 243 landed 22%
Margarito 571 total punches 155 landed 27%

Harold Letterman scored it 116-112 Williams
116-112, 115-113, 115-113 were the official judges scores for Williams.
What a terrific fight! I wonder though, why margarito didnt go to the body more. It seemed obvious, at least to me, that Williams was avoiding those body punches, and turning away from them. If Antonio would have fought the whole fight the way he fought the 11th it would have likely been a different outcome.
Paul Williams answered questions about his chin, and showed he has the ability to outbox a great fighter, and outwork a workhorse.
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