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Paul williams

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what is everyones opinions about Paul Williams ???
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Hes a very solid contender, and youll find out some of what hes made of when he throws down with Antonio Margarito in his next fight. He throws punches from many angles, can fight in and out, and is a very high volume puncher.
Yeah, his best defense is his offense I'd say. His chin looks to be solid so far, but I havent seen him in there against a real slugger yet.
He could beat Floyd Mayweather ?
the guy looks like a live contender he may be getting more then he expects from Antonio but we will see what he is made me his seem like he needs to work on defense and could use better boxing technique. his lack off one punch k,o power is my big consern . at his size he should be putting maller #147 guys out one shot!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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