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i've actually been to the doc's.... had a buncha tests done...


from a few doctors...

one urologist thinks that a vein in one of my kidneys bust. my problem is that is is recurring now.

i'm wondering if anyone has tried anything that is not common...

the doc's have given me some blood clotting pill, which didn't work. i've also tried a chinese herbalist, which also didn't work.

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sicksdollar said:
I'm just wondering if anyone's ever been hit in the kidney and pee'd blood?

What'd you do to clear it up...? How long did it last?

has the doctor rulled out kidney stones?

i had them when i was younger and was pissin blood for weeks.

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i've been to the doc lots. and some said i shouldn't be doing any more physical activities, some said i can continue normally.

thing is that it gets reinjured if i take a decent blow to my back. it sucks.

one of the docs said if worst comes to worst, then i can remove my kidney. i don't want that really. least not right now.

but, all the doctor's agree that it's not a life threatening injury.. it just sucks to see it when i pee.. ya know.

anyhoo.. thx for the assistance

oops, i forgot... yea it's not kidney stones, i've actually passed one before *ow* .. the hematuria (bloody pee) was a direct result of kidney trauma.
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