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Please analyze this 18 y.o. amateur champ!

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Amateur champ, great skills, speed, strength! Amateur score 15W 3L!!! He will soon turn PRO...

YouTube - Amareur Champion Boxing

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I watched the first 20 seconds and saw this much. The guy's chin is not nearly tucked enough. That looks very inviting. Second his punches are notn nearly compact enough, and they take a looooong time to be delivered. Solid foundation but work on the little things. I wish him well.
Looks like he is in decent shape, but I can't see how he is in the ring by this.
First off, what amateur "champ" wouldn't know at this point to wear GLOVES when hitting the heavy bag?

He carries his hands WAY too low not only when punching, but also when moving. His chin hangs out as PBF said, and the punches are too long and wide.

Looks to be in decent shape, but its tough to really tell from the video. Lots to improve on, but not a bad start.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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