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Please, let me make the matches

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Why do I have to get a Mayweather/Baldomir fight instead of 2 better fights?
This is what I want, Mayweather vs De La Hoya
and Baldomir vs Hatton. Id even pay the PPV price for each of the fights just to see them happen. Baldomir/ Hatton has the potential to be the next Gatti/Ward. And the the 2 biggest names in the sport will surely put on a great show if we get to see May/DLH happen.
What do you guys think?
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I actually dont really wanna se Delahoya vs Mayweather. I think Floyd has plenty of unfinished buisness at welterweight. There are so many fights for him there.

I would vote for Mayweather vs Margarito. Baldomir Hatton is fine by me. ( although Baldomir vs Margarito would be great also)

Throw in maybe a Carlos Quintanna vs Vivian Harris. Kermit Cintron vs Richard Guiterez or Clottey.
Id also like to see Quintana fight again. His performance against Joel Julio was very impressive. Good stuff E.

Welterweight has got to be the most solid division right now. Tons of talent.
Okay now lets move to cruiserweight

I would like to see Oniel Bell vs Virgil Hill

Cunningham vs Jones the rematch that has not happened yet.

Mormeck vs Jirov
Chris Byrd vs Braithwaite

There are like 9 or 10 really good action fighters in this class & they need to start fighting each other.
I am really excited about the cruiser division over the last year or so. But they are not putting the fights together & stayin active. This divison has alot of potential. I hope it starts to show.
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