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Im new to boxing, iv just started and im interested in buying my first punch bag before i join a boxing gym. just need some advice as i dont know wheather to go for a vinyl or leather punch bag. i do want it to be durable

iv got the spec for both punch bags below im after.

*****4ft Leather Punch Bag*****

Durable 100% genuine cowhide leather shell with bonded inner liner for increased strength.

Reinforced seams and stitches.

Quality custom blended fill.

Heavy gauge welded D rings.

Height 48in.

Chains not included.

*****4ft vinyl Punch Bag and Mitts*****

Quality custom blended filled.

Tough 18oz PVC coated vinyl shell with bonded liner reinforced nylon seams and stitches.

Foam liner adds cushioned comfort and safety.

Heavy gauge welded D and O rings.

PU punch mitts constructed of high-tech, shock absorbing foam.

Full hand pockets for a more secure grip.

Elasticated wrists are comfortable yet secure.

Quality construction includes sturdy nylon stitching and inverted seams.

Can some one tell me which one to go for? Thanks :)

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Go for the heavier one. Over time it will increase your punching power. By the mits seperate. Remeber when you punch turn it over or you will brake your wrist.:cool:

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Welcome to the site. First off, a leather bag will be more durable and high quality than a vinyl bag(depending on who manufactures it)
The second bag says it has a foam liner, which is great for extra protection of the hands and wrists because it provides a little more cushion.

Make sure that you properly wrap your hands before any punching and use a pair of quality gloves.

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Thanks for being welcoming and for the advice.

In the boxing gyms which ones do they use more? leather ones?

I walk past a gym and i notice the ones that have been used heavily are duct tapped in the middle
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