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Discussion Starter · #1 · interviewed Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer on Friday to get the latest on De La Hoya-Mayweather II, the Mosley-Judah cancellation, plus the latest on Barrera, Hopkins, Casamayor and much more.

On Oscar De La Hoya's condition in regard to a hairline fraction around his right eye suffered in the Steve Forbes fight:

Oscar is good, he'll be ready to go September 20th. I saw him last night so everything will be good.

On the status of Mayweather-De La Hoya II:

I'm trying to finalize that and I'm hopeful that in the next few days that will be accomplished. There's no hang-up, it's just a matter of getting everything signed off. Oscar wants the fight, Floyd wants the fight, sponsors are already lining up in masses, venues are interested everywhere. The last fight they were separated by one point and it was an extremely close fight and there were some questions about the fight. One of them was 'Mayweather hasn't really knocked out anybody for a while, did he lose his power moving up all these weight classes?' And I think [Mayweather] answered that when he knocked out Ricky Hatton, a previously undefeated fighter, in spectacular fashion, so I think if anybody thought that Mayweather can't knock out people at these higher weights, he showed them that he still can. And the other question of course was Oscar's stamina. 'Has he become like a six round fighter?' And I think Oscar answered that in spectacular fashion a week ago where in the twelfth round he was more on his toes than he was in the first round. The jab kept coming, he was on his toes, he looked very relaxed in the ring. I think both fighters in their last fight answered the critics and now let's will see what September 20th will bring us.

On the site of Mayweather-De La Hoya II:

It's really a destination fight, just like the last time. The people, media, public, fight fans from all over the world are going to come and as a destination Las Vegas is very attractive, so I have no doubt that this fight is going to end up in Las Vegas.

On the Mosley-Judah cancellation:

I met with Zab yesterday, he came and sat down with me and I saw his arm and it really looked like a shark bite. There's absolutely no way he could have fought. He really wanted that fight and he really tried whatever he could to make it happen. He looked in great shape and was ready to go. I feel bad that the injury happened. Of course, I feel very bad for Shane because he's trained so hard and he's in tremendous shape. He knew that he would have to be at his best for this fight and for the fight to be cancelled like that, it's obviously a big let down. Zab indicated to me that he really would like to fight Shane. But in meeting with Shane, they indicated to me that the do not want to reschedule the fight, that they would rather go into a different direction. One of the fights that they had indicated to me was Ricardo Mayorga.

We're planning on doing a pay-per-view in October with Juan Manuel Marquez, and I talked to Don King a week ago, to see if we could put a Marquez-Nate Campbell fight together. I haven't heard back from him yet. I think he was traveling overseas I was told. So with what's happening with Mosley, we could possibly see a doubleheader with Mayorga and Mosley and with Juan Manuel Marquez and Nate Campbell and I think we could come up with a couple of other fights with Don, so I think we could come up with a pretty spectacular night in October.

On Joel Casamayor:

Nothing's been signed yet, but it looks like Casamayor might fight Juan Diaz. That seems to be the direction he's going. Nothing's been finalized but we do have September 13 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on hold and it would be an HBO fight. I wanted to finalize that yesterday and today but we had the postponement of the Mosley-Judah card so I'll try next week to finalize the September 13th date.

On Marco Antonio Barrera:

Barrera was at the De La Hoya fight in Los Angeles and he indicated to me that he would like to fight [this year]. Not a tune-up fight, but rather go into a big fight. One of the potential names he mentions was the winner of the fight between Marquez and Campbell, we'll see how that turns out. But at the 135lb weight class there's so many exciting match-ups. Right now it is the most talented division.

On Bernard Hopkins:

Bernard is very satisfied with his career, his legacy and frankly he's very satisfied with his last fight as well, whereas I mentioned before, a lot of media and fight fans felt that Bernard pulled it off against Joe with the knockdown it would have been a very close fight. But at this time Bernard is happy to spend more time with his wife and father. He's very busy with real estate investments even around Philadelphia. He's busy with Golden Boy Promotions, so he's really satisfied with everything. But, having said that, he did hint to me, if the right fight would come up, that he would certainly entertain it, but it really would have to be a fight that fits within his overall structural fights, what he has done, another legendary night. Other than that, he has done financially very well here with us, so it's not a money driven fight, he feels if it's a more challenge driven fight. If the right challenge is there, I have a feeling Bernard will lace them up again.
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