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Quartey was robbed!

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I scored the fight 97-92 (with the 1 point deduction by ref).

Quartey vs Forrest scoring
Judge: Melvina Lathan 93-96 | Judge: Tony Paolillo 94-95 | Judge: Steve Weisfeld 94-95 ~
Forrest lost 1 point for low blow.
How the hell did Lathan get forrest ahead by 3 with the 1 point deduction :dunno:

Anybody see the fight?
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I was incorrect, last night box rec had Lathan listed as the judge that scored it 96-93 for Forrest but after rewatching the fight & seein the master card on the net it was Palillio.
The HBO fight where good, but I think the Showtime Marquez bros doubleheader was better.

I liked the matchups & fighters better on the HBO card goin in but after watchin both I say the showtime card was better.

Either way it was a good weekned to watch boxing.
Yeah I like watchin Paul Williams I hope he Ko's Mitchell.

And if he looks good maybe a title shot by the end of the year
Welcome to the board.

I wonder where Quartey goes from here???
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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