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Hi everyone, I am really interested in boxing. I always was a big fan of boxing, At the moment I'm 5'11 1/2 185 30% body fat. I know I know I am really fat, I was going to just ride my stationary bike everyday but thats just boring. I decided to box to get in shape and feel good. I never boxed for a club or anything and really don't plan to join one this moment.

I never boxed before, I was never trained. The only thing I know is to bite your teeth, bring your head down and keep your hands up. is this effective or this there way more?

I was browsing the internet for bags and i found
Everlast Complete Punching Bag Set

- I was going to get the 80 pound version, Is this a bad idea sense I just got into this sport? Would it help my coordination?

I also want
Everlast Deluxe Six Piece Speed Bag Set - $67.95

- If i use 4lb weighted gloves ( 2lb each glove ) how long would it take to an increase in your speed?

Thank you,

Mental Midget
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As far as the equipment goes, you should get a 100lb + bag as 80 is too light for you. Also, that speed bag kit will work, but you NEED to get a better swivel. The S-hook style that comes with that setup is total crap. There will be nothing "speedy" about that bag if you use the included swivel. Pick up a pro-style ball bearing swivel and you'll be very happy.

As far as the advice for keeping your chin down and your hands up, thats certainly correct. Its also true that there is FAR more to it than just that. But seeing as how your trying to get in shape, and not necessarily box, just push it as hard as you can with the boxing workout, and finish up with your calesthenics. Check the other threads in Training and Nutrition as there are 1 or 2 on training programs, etc.

Welcome to the boards, and good luck to you!
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