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Rahman a fluke?

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did you guys think Rahman was a fluke in his first fight against Lennox Lewis? i thought he was fighting a good fight and caught him with a nice right. alot of people think it was luck but i think he could have outboxed him that night.
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You can have a lucky punch but not a lucky match. Rahman had a great punch that knocked lewis out but it wasnt luck. You cant stay in a match for so long solely because of luck so i say it was skill.
The victory he got over Lewis was a lucky shot thrown at a boxer who was careless, undertrained and took the fight as a joke. You can see this by Rahman performance in the rematch in where he kept trying to land a similar right hand in a vrey ackward stance. Rahman is an average boxer in a lackluster class.
yea lewis deffinetly thought he was gonna have an easy win in that fight but just to have the strength to knock out a boxer like lewis....i give that props
In my view there is no such thing like luck when it comes to boxing.
Rahman was winning the fight and almost took Lewis' head off with that powerful right hand. Yes, he lost the rematch, but only few boxers would have been able to beat that version of Lennox Lewis.
Hasim Rahman is a worthy champion.
Rahman Video?

Does anyone have video of Rahman's knockout of Lennox?
dahabi said:
yea lewis deffinetly thought he was gonna have an easy win in that fight but just to have the strength to knock out a boxer like lewis....i give that props

Yup, i agree 100% . . . you just cant do that, you have to go in there thinking you might get your melon knocked off so do your best. :)
You Should be able to download the amtch on limewire or whatever program you choose.

Either way lucky or not, That was one hell of a right.
On that night, Rahman was at the peak of his game. He was in a zone that I don't think he will ever get back to. It wasn't a fluke but it was a level that he doesn't seem to be able to preform at again. In a way like Douglas did in Japan.
rahman:thumbsdown: is not a fluke he's just a bust, one they gave him the belt he has now he couldn't beat a horrible, over weight james toney...i hope OLEG MASKAEV whips his a** again like he did in 1999 sent roc's a** through the ropes in rd8 ko!!! nomore to say about this undeserving (american) heavy weight champ but who else is out here to keep that belt here in a america????
Awesome link, thanks a lot. You tube usually has good quality videos. I'll probably be logging on to that website more often :laugh:
Since I am from B-more i am a Rahman fan.No question Lewis did not take that first fight seriously,as well as the rock did not in the 2nd fight. I hope he shows more heart and determination than he has in last couple of televised fights,I feel he will need more to become and maintain being the world champ.
good luck rock the beltway is cheering for you
Yeah Rahman should take his career a bit more serious the way the current heavyweight division is. He should have beaten Toney. Underachiever.
How about the "Boxing Banker" ? lol I think that Brock is decent, but he certaintly isnt beating Klitschko at this stage of his career. He needs more time to develop further.
I really like Brock he is one of my favorite heavyweights. In the current heavyweight division anyone can beat anyone on any night.
There are plenty of guys that can upset Klitschko. Briggs (his next fight) has a very good chance to beat Klitschko.
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