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[Simi Valley, CA] - The Retired Boxers Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria and his family, establishing "The Brian Viloria Champs for Youth Fund" under the umbrella of the Retired Boxers Foundation. Brian Viloria is a light flyweight with a record of 19-1-0-1 with 12 knockouts.

The Viloria Family has always wanted to do something for the less fortunate, especially in the Philippines where Brian lived at one time. Ben Viloria, his wife and Brian met with the Retired Boxers Foundation to talk about their desire to do something in the impoverished areas of the North Philippines, and Alex Ramos, the founder and President of the Retired Boxers Foundation offered to help them launch their efforts. The Retired Boxers Foundation received donated, brand new clothing, from two major retailers and presented the Viloria's with over 20 full boxes which were shipped to the Philippines by the Viloria's. The clothing was distributed to those in need, who were overcome with joy at the generosity of Brian Viloria and his family, as well as the Retired Boxers Foundation.

One of the goals of the Viloria's is to help young boxers who have talent, but no money to pursue their dreams. Ben has been in the Philippines and recently wrote to the RBF:

"I have three scholars, living under my roof now and the burden is mine to carry. I don't know how you guys can help me but I made a commitment to the parents that I will shoulder the expenses until I can, they are good kids and they touched my soul. 2 of them are 18 years old and the other one is only 12 years old. They can not go to school because they can not afford it. My plan is to send them to school by this semester... one of them has a background in amateur boxing nationally here in the Philippines becoming a gold medalist but he can not go to school because his parents cannot afford it. It was a heaven for this kids to see me there... they live in the gym which I created...this is there new home. They sleep here. Dine with me; just like my new family ...really it was my joy to see them here with a lot of promises someday somehow."

Anyone interested in helping the Viloria's with the expenses necessary to care for these three boys can contact the Retired Boxers Foundation. "We share the interest with the Viloria's about helping young fighters because that is the foundation of the sport of boxing?he amateurs. We are proud to be a part of this endeavor to help the less fortunate and partner with Brian Viloria Champs for Youth Fund," said Alex "The Bronx Bomber" Ramos, Founder and President of the Retired Boxers Foundation. Brian Viloria fights on the under card of the Pacquaio vs. Solis fight in San Antonio, Texas, on the 14 th of April. For more information on the Retired Boxers Foundation, visit our site at Retired Boxers Foundation .
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