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Review: EverLast 16 oz MMA/Boxing Gloves

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I bought these about a year ago. I wanted a heavy set of gloves to spar and hit the heavybag with. They arent actually bag gloves but I do hit my 100pound everlast heavybag with them and they are great for knuckle protection. They are a bit lose around the wrist but i do have somewhat skinny wrist. For example im 5-11 and weight a solid 175. Anywayz, ive been using these gloves ( their black ) for over a year now and they are still fully paded, still in great shape, and have really a good feel to them now. I'll admit at first, they took awhile to getting used to. But my shoulders, and hands and entire body has gotten used to them and I feel just as fast with them on as I used to with little 4 oz bag gloves. I really suggest to purchase these. They were actually cheap. 39.99 at my local Sports shop. You dont even have to wrap your knuckles with these things, they have that much padding but they are solid when you hit someone else. They feel like my 10 oz reyes when stricking me. Basically because of the added weight and just the way their broken in now I guess. These are not lace up's either, they just velcro over your wrist/lower forearm. 10/10 rating from me. And it really builds shoulder muscles, and you can really tell a difference in actually strength behind your punches once you get used to them. Speed is also something they improved as well. So go out and purchase some. Yes their not 100 dollar gloves, but ya know what, I have a few pair of 100 dollar gloves. And these are better:thumbsup:
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